Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Experts

We clean all types of rugs including: Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Silk Rugs, Hand & Machine Made & Wall Hangings. Oriental and specialty area rugs differ greatly in their construction, fibers and dye lots; at Big Daddy we understand these differences and use the most advanced thorough in-plant cleaning process to fit each individual rug.

Our state-of-the art in-plant rug cleaning process Includes:

  • Free in home estimate and pick up with cleaning estimated to take 7 to 10 days.
  • Pre-inspection and qualification of the best methods to use.
  • Rug dusting with the Rug Badger on the backing of the rug to remove ground in soil and sand that traditional vacuuming cannot remove.
  • Pre vacuuming of both sides with our special power vacuums.
  • Heated pre treatment and gentle rotary shampooing of entire rug with special solution that will NOT strip the natural oils out of the wool.
  • Hand cleaning and bleaching of fringes.
  • Steam cleaning and rinsing of BOTH sides of the rug with our gentle GREEN cleaning solution.
  • Hand grooming to restore the natural soft texture of the rug.
  • Rapid, controlled speed drying to preserve the strength and form of your rug.
  • Quality inspected, rolled, tied and packaged.
  • Delivered and reinstalled to your home or office.
  • Optional application of KleenGuard area rug protection to prevent future soiling and stains.
  • Rug Repair/Refringing available
  • Your valuable rugs are stored and protected in our facility with our high tech 24 hour video surveillance/monitored alarm systems.


Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Care & Tips

Hand woven & machine made rugs need weekly vacuuming to clean and restore life to the fibers. Never use rotating brushes on fringes.

A high quality, custom-cut pad will cushion your rug and help keep it in place, thereby extending the life of the rug.

To minimize wear and tear on the rug and fringe, rotate your rug regularly, perhaps every three to six months. Rugs in lightly used locations can be rotated once a year to help you to keep your rugs looking beautiful for years to come.

Area Rugs should be dusted and washed each year (rugs in lightly used locations can go up to two years between cleanings). Alpine Specialty Cleaning will use the best cleaning method available for your rug and its fringe to bring back the beauty, warmth, and glow of your woven treasure.

Protection Against Moths

  • Make sure rugs are exposed to light and air.
  • Vacuum both sides at least once a month where furniture sits on top of rug.
  • Check underside of rug periodically for moth larvae or holes.
  • If moths are detected, check other wool rugs for damage (moth spread quickly).
  • Then take rugs in for professional cleaning and¬†moth proofing.



Our Cleaning Process

At Big Daddy, we understand that your Oriental Rug is more than just a beautiful decoration; it’s an investment. Oriental rugs are often handmade originals that increase in value with time, and with proper care and cleaning, your Oriental rug can last for generations. Our method of cleaning Oriental rugs is gentle and safe. We use technology, tools, and equipment designed specifically for gentle, effective cleaning of Oriental rugs.



Our cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of your fine textile. Our technicians are trained and certified to recognize the fibers and dyes that form your Oriental and the best cleaning methods for each type. So no matter what kind of Oriental rug you own, you can be assured Big Daddy’s technicians will know just how to care for your precious textile.


Beginning the Cleaning Process

Dirt is your rug’s enemy. Loose dirt particles become trapped in the fibers of your Oriental rug. These particles not only dull your rug’s appearance, but they also damage the fibers. Soil and dust actually cut the individual carpet fibers, thus reducing the life of your rug. Our technicians remove these loose particles by using pressurized air.


Removing Dirt Particles

A pile lifter and vacuum is used to remove as much dry soil as possible.



The rug is then sprayed with a preconditioning agent and shampooed with Oriental Rug Shampoo.


Final Rinse

The next step at Big Daddy Carpet Cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning shop is to completely rinse away all contaminants along with the cleaning solution. The rug is also hand groomed to insure perfect lay of the fibers and to promote even drying.



We then hang your rug to dry in our controlled atmosphere drying room to insure the best drying conditions possible.


Finishing Touches

Once dry, your rug undergoes another inspection to ensure complete and proper removal of all debris and spots. Our technicians then hand-comb all fringes and use specialized tools to brighten them to their original color.